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This is a Very Epic ServerEdit

Welcome all to the zealous gaming server :D !!! This sever is a dedicated 24/7 server owned by Curthiany with some help from Angelsbourne, Kalayo, Teenychan, and xxsashimi. The ip is:

It is a bukkit server and has a lot of cool and anti-grief plugins such as lockette, towny etc..

In order to login you need to register on the forums:


No matter what you donate or do for the server, you are not exempt from banning. Here is what's not allowed:

Asking For Ranks/Creative Mode ingame is Prohibited and will get you banned if asked continuously Fly Hacking Speed Hacking X-ray Transparent Texture Packs ANYTHING else that gives you an advantage over other players Cussing (censoring yourself is OK.) Talking about inappropriate content (kids play too, you know.) talking bad about people groups. (Jews, etc.)

Basically, the only mod that i can think of that's allowed is Mini-map mods. Any one of these COULD get you an immediate ban. You will usually get at least one warning, but don't count on it.

By curthiany ^

Anyways the server also has a stable rank up system.

Citizens: default class

Veterans: 2nd rank class. Has command to kick. mute, /item, and other functions. This class consists of: jojo82, prodigywarrior, bobby911 and Bloocroo. They are a group which consist of player who have been playing on this server for a very long time, so they are trusted. They carry out the role of reporting players and keeping the server clean from griefers, hackers etc

Moderators: 3rd rank class. Has more commands then veteran such as ban, super pick, tp acces and many more commands. This class consists of: Snipetay205, Tarekaii, 1n5aN1ac, and Maddzziee. They are a group which consist of player who usually moderate the server to ban players who are reported by veterans. They also carry out the role of reporting players and keeping the server clean from hackers, griefers etc...

Demi-Admin: 4th rank class. Has some worldedit commands and many more commands. This class currently consists of no one. They usually are very important and they have to be able to manage the server well and keeping it steady.

Owner/Admin/OP/Gm 5th rank class. Has acces to all the commands. This class is very powerfull and usually consists of extremely trusted people who have to take full control of everything for ex: promotions, restarts, hackers... This class consists of: Curthiany, AngelsBourne, Kalayo, xxSashimi, and Teenychan.

Basically this is all you need to knw about the server... Now get ur butt out there and do whatever you want :D

Latest activityEdit

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